Here’s a list of recommended sites, blogs, podcasts, and other learning resources for you to learn about the worldview.


RopeCulture: Its articles still live on through what has been archived. Rope culture, for those new to the Fascist circles, is a blog that was hosted by Alexander Slavros who went MIA back in November 2017

Fisheaters: A Catholic Blog, for those interested in learning about Catholicism.

Orthodox Christian: A Orthodox Christian site, dedicated to news, theology, and other topics of Orthodoxy

Orthodox Info: A site dedicated to helping Orthodox Christians understand their faith as well as inquirers to the faith.

Jay’s Analysis: Jay Dyers official Website, primarily on the topics of Orthodoxy.

Gornahoor: A site for those interested in the study of tradition, although Christians should keep a discerning mindset when studying tradition.

Death to the World: In their own words ” DEATH TO THE WORLD is a ‘zine to inspire the truth-seeking and soul searching amidst the modern age of nihilism and despair, promoting the ancient principles of the last true rebellion: to be dead to this world and alive to the other world. Correspondence is encouraged and articles for submission are welcomed. Each article printed is true to life and has been written out of pain of heart for love of truth.”


Longer Catechism of the Orthodox Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church


Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

Fascism now declared a “Mental Illness” by Psychology Today

The un-pardonable sin


Mysterium Fasces: A Christian Fascist podcast addressing various topics from the Fascist Worldview to extreme Esoteric Shitposting.

Orthodox Nationalist: Hosted by Dr. Johnson, he holds a “far-right” Orthodox position. In his podcasts he addresses primarily Eastern History, Orthodox questions, and sometimes general Christian questions.

Jay Dyer: Jay talks about various Orthodox theological questions and sometimes apologetic’s for the Orthodox position.


James Cutsinger – Evidence for God

Orthodoxy on Sola-Scriptura

Zeitgeist Debunked: Jesus Is Not A Copy Of Pagan Gods