Here’s a list of recommended sites, blogs, podcasts, and other learning resources for you to learn about the Catholic worldview.


Fisheaters: A Catholic Blog, for those interested in learning about the basics Catholicism. Although their position on the current papal claimants shouldn’t be taken too seriously because they promote the R&R position.

Novus Ordo Watch: This site espouses the sedevacantist position and offers various sources as to why the Vatican II and its papal claimants are heretics and not apart of the Catholic faith.

Fr. Cekada: Fr. Cekada was one of the hard lining nine who split from the SSPX due to their gallican views of recognizing and resisting the pope. He currently runs missionaries associated with his church in Ohio.

True Restoration: True Restoration is a clerically-advised, member-supported, lay-founded Roman Catholic apostolate.  We use the means of print (True Restoration Press), video (True Restoration Media), radio (Restoration Radio), and in-person conferences to bring about a restoration of all things in Christ.

Traditional Latin Mass: They too, give us more information supporting the sedevacantist position.

Society of Saint Pius V: These churches are valid and they give us good information pertaining to the modern Vatican II religion. However we do not accept their idea of rejecting the pope based purely off of theological opinion as its eerily similar to the R&R position.

Gornahoor: A good source for studying the traditionalist school, although Catholics should be warned that most of their positions are heretical.


Catechism of the Catholic Church

Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

Fascism now declared a “Mental Illness” by Psychology Today


Mysterium Fasces: A Christian Fascist podcast addressing various topics from the Fascist Worldview to extreme Esoteric Shitposting. However the owner is Photian Schismatic and his theology should be with a grain of salt.


James Cutsinger – Evidence for God

Zeitgeist Debunked: Jesus Is Not A Copy Of Pagan Gods