Armalite Rifle: Symbol of Revolution

“Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one…” – Luke 22:36

“You don’t need an AR-15! Only law enforcement and military personnel should carry military-grade assault weapons!” the useful idiot autistically screeches, as he proceeds to protest police brutality against unarmed blacks. Liberalism is a worldview of cognitive dissonance as everyone with a double-digit IQ can figure out. While they’re opposed to the death penalty because the person on death row may be innocent, they support abortion because somehow the unborn fetus isn’t even a person, let alone innocent of anything. They’re opposed to police brutality and excessive force by law enforcement, but they support gun control because only police and military should carry super scary 30 round assault rifles. They protest against the Annoying Orange in Chief for “tearing apart families” because one of the family members is an illegal alien, yet they were responsible for destroying the traditional family through miscegenation, no-fault divorce and homosexuality. These people have no right to speak about anything, yet they’re so delusional that they don’t see any contradictions in their twisted logic. As stupid as liberals are, there is perhaps a likely and more sinister reason for supporting gun control. It’s not about stopping gun violence and mass shootings, it’s about stopping dissent!

The establishment (academia, capitalists, corporations, finance, and media), overwhelmingly Jewish, has ultimate power over the United States. The government has no power outside of legislation (but not against the private sector) and coercive force via the law enforcement and military personnel. The only way half of the population can have their delusion of change every four years is by partaking in a rigged election system where the two candidates and parties in question are more similar than Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I’m sorry to break it to the MAGA retards that still exist, but the Cheetos Mascot sitting in the oval office can only do so much. The government allowed itself to be as weak and as much of a paper tiger as it currently is. Any sort of dissent against the status quo is squashed by these private entities largely independent from any state apparatus, and because of that, they have farther power and influence than any government. As garbage and useless as the Constitution is, it’s only redeeming factor is the 2nd Amendment. Once that is gone or continuously eaten away at, then white people will have nothing to defend themselves with and the system will have absolute control with no consequences for their evil actions.

There has been an increase in mass shootings from the “right” in response to the policies put in place by the powers that be. The problem is that these shootings don’t target the cause of the blight but rather the effects, or more specifically, the symptoms. Some may say that targeting non-whites is ultimately politically justified because it will lead to further racial tension which will usher in a collapse quicker. However, this is shortsighted because ultimately if we wish to have any long-lasting success, we need to have God’s election and assistance. God hates the wicked and evil only begets evil. In all of these shootings, what Tarrant, Earnest, and Crusius did may have been politically justified, but they were not morally justified. You don’t get rid of the tree by ripping the branches off, but by pulling the roots out of the dirt. Going for the symptoms instead of the cause is counter-productive and immoral and will most likely land you in hell. My main reason for bringing this up is what Tarrant said in his manifesto concerning gun control. He intentionally used an AR-15 among other guns for the sake of increasing gun control which in turn would force people to side with revolutionary elements because they would realize that the state, as well as the apparatuses that have dominion over the state, don’t have their interests at heart.

That is why the AR-15 is the symbol of dissent, resistance, revolution, and our people’s survival. It’s a sad reality that anyone who practices their 2nd Amendment right as the Founding Fathers themselves intended it will most likely get overrun and murdered in cold blood by an establishment that wants nothing but to drag everyone to hell with it. Not every martyr for the Christian faith died without putting up a fight in the past, and the more recent victims of this reign of terror (the Weaver Family and the Branch Davidians) are feeling the same wrath of the forces of Babylon. Some had to go out kicking and screaming just like how they came into this world because they would not surrender to this behemoth. Those people had far more courage than any ZOGbot that’s “serving” in the U.S. Army. The moment you realize that the government is bound to the leash of the private sector like the dogs they are is the moment you realize why we need AR-15s and why it’s a symbol of freedom and rebellion.

Voting and debating is a waste of time and leads to disappointment, if that is your only political “voice” then I’d probably need hearing aids to hear it. If I was the establishment, I wouldn’t care what you’d have to say because there would be nothing you can do about it. The establishment is pure will to power and will break every law imaginable and avoid any international court to maintain that power. There have been beacons of hope throughout recent history that somewhat convince me that the end times are not upon us, yet. The Taliban still fighting in Afghanistan after almost 20 years of struggle, Bashar Al-Assad’s victory over the Israeli proxy known as ISIS, the realization that in the advent of a third world war, America would lose badly to Russia and China, whose combined strength would lead to the collapse of America. These beacons of hope are only able to maintain their freedom through the very use of “military-grade assault weapons” that the establishment doesn’t want YOU, the average white man to have. The system only fears two things, truth and the very means to acquire truth which includes the notorious AR-15.

What should everyone who reads this take away from it? I’m not saying to commit illegal acts nor am I condoning illegal acts. All I’m simply stating is how vital it is to have an AR-15 or any other rifle for that matter and to get one while you’re still allowed to. God forbid if you were put in a situation like Randy Weaver or David Koresh where your livelihood is at stake, would you be prepared to be a potential martyr?

Hail Christ the King and Hail Victory!

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