Modern Corruption of The Roman Catholic Church

Written by the Ex-Writer for the defunct Fashcast, Confucius

Some of us believe that the Catholic Church was never good, but by taking a look at history, it’s quite clear that it wasn’t always as bad as it currently is. There was a series of events which drove it right into the gutter, events which are deeply tied to France’s political scene; given that France is “the Church’s eldest daughter”. So, let’s have a look at what happened.

February 16, 1892: Pope Leo XIII published an encyclical called Inter Sollicitudines, which told French Catholics to support the Republic. At that time, French Catholics were overwhelmingly monarchistic. This wasn’t the case for Swiss or American Catholics, who supported their respective Republics, and it’s not by chance. Both in America and in Switzerland, the Republic recognized and respected freedom of religion, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. But in France, the Republic was deeply masonic, and anti-Catholic. So, by telling Catholics to support the Republic, he was telling them to support two contradictory and opposite positions. Basically, he told them to practice some Orwellian double-think.

Why did he do that? Shouldn’t the Church be opposed to anti-Catholic masons? Actually, this was a “pragmatic” political move. Catholic Monarchists were seen as radicals. He wanted them to compromise with moderate masons to make a “big tent” movement and win the elections. Inter Sollicitudines was basically a “stop purity spiraling, we need to be united!” encyclical. That a Pope would be ready to compromise in an attempt to secure worldly possessions is already a sign of the sad state of the Church at that time.

Did this clever tactic work? OF COURSE IT DIDN’T! As you probably all know, these strategies never ever work. It lead to the vigorous anticlerical policy of Émile Combes (a red freemason), which led to the closing of thousands of religious schools, to the definitive separation of church and state, to the “Affair des Fiches”, which consisted of using the freemason spy network to exclude Catholics from the army, etc.

In the early 20th century, there was a political movement in France called “Action Française”, led by Charles Maurras. They were Catholic Monarchists, and the closest thing we ever had to a French Fascism. (They enjoyed quite good relationships with both the Vichy régime and the German occupation forces.) They called their position “integral nationalism”, which meant that they considered the nation an organic whole. They were a big political force in the French right-wing during those years.

Pope Pius XI, probably inspired by the huge success of his predecessor, tried the EXACT SAME STRATEGY. December 29, 1926, he condemned the Action Française, in order to force these purity spiralers to take part in a “big tent” movement instead of keeping true to their ideals and win the elections. (It failed once again, but at this point it’s painfully self-evident.) They were kicked out of mainstream Catholicism, which effectively ruined the movement, like the Pope thought it would.

Thing is, they were serious Catholics, and had a close relationship with “Neo-Scholasticism” (“Néothomisme” in France, because of the primary influence of Thomas Aquinas), which was a quite traditional form of theology and a revival of medieval thought, standing in opposition to the whole of modernism. In order to root out the Action Française, the Church had to root out Neo-Thomists, too. And they did.

Then, the Neo-Thomists’ enemies, the proponents of the nouvelle théologie and the modernization of Catholicism, used this situation to get the upper hand. They all followed modernist, heretical philosophies.  I’m speaking of people like Henri de Lubac, Karl Rahner, Hans Küng, etc., who were given a free hand to shape 20th-century Catholicism as long as they kept their opposition to Neo-Scholasticism and the Action Française. To give you an idea, the Pope made Achille Liénart, a KNOWN RED, bishop of Lille, and then even cardinal! And he did it only because Liénart was an open adversary of the Action Française! This is a good example of how much the Church allowed filth and modernist degenerate ideas in its own ranks, as a consequence of some stupid “big tent” move. Once you deviate from the Truth, even a little bit, then the Truth is your enemy forever, and you will have to support your lie with countless other lies and distortions.

Anyway, these modernists played a major role in the 1962 Second Vatican Council, which made all this filth into official dogma. There was immediately a sharp decline in Church attendance and in priesthood numbers in the West (the infamous “vocation crisis”). The Church lost its “mandate from Heaven” as a representative of the Truth in the West, and it shows. So they decided to re-center their efforts to the Third World (Africa and South America), which then led to the import of an huge number of black priests in the West, and to a change in discourse which is more and more geared to suck Africa’s dick in hope to still get some converts from here.

The lesson we can take from recent Church history is crystal clear. Not only that compromises and “big tent” approaches are doomed to fail, but they WILL POZ the organizations which adopt them.

Also, don’t try to make the Catholic Church fascist again. The Action Française had a much better starting point than us, but they were stabbed in the back by the clergy for petty worldly gains. The whole structure is nothing more than a rotting corpse. If fascist Catholicism existed at some point, it’s long dead.

Author: Chilliers

Orthodox Christian | American Nazi

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