The Judaic Order, Passions, and Pride

“And the whole people answering, said: His blood be upon us and our children.” – Matthew 27:25

We have come to know these recent decades as a complete degeneration of the West. From Vatican II and the promotion of “ecumenism” from both the modern day Vatican and the more liberal Orthodox churches. A striking thing coming from what was once the pillar and foundation of the West, is now drowned in American influence and infiltration to the masonic ideas of “total liberty” which has penetrated our mindsets today. A sort of “freedom” to do as one pleases without any repercussions from society, a do what makes you feel good type phenomenon.

The Judaic infiltration of our lands is one thing that many will not point out but rather ignore and shout “what about the Freemasons” or “what about the CIA and the new world order.” Obviously these things are real to their extent, however we don’t propagate that this is some “mass Freemasonic reptilian New World Order”. The main perpetrators that we have allowed into our lands would be the Jews, the people we’ve been in bed with since the late middle ages up until now. For example: the Rothschilds didn’t come from nowhere, they’ve been sucking up the fat of our lands with our own consent since the enlightenment. It is not their fault per se that we have allowed them to continue doing this, this blame would ultimately land on us for not taking care of our illness that they’ve fed off of for the last couple centuries.

This is completely in line with biblical prophecy, however we don’t take some type of Protestant mindset “that exactly this person being elected in the UN is the antichrist” or some other gobble de gook they wish to spout about the Revelations from St. John. The Jews wanting to raise up a third temple and their mass control of the goyim has ultimately shown us that the longed for “Jewish Messiah”, or in other words, the antichrist, is possibly near and the world itself is about to reach a climax with the Jews and their will to power. We have ultimately become enslaved by the Jews themselves, and the best of us have a hard time breaking away from their control, even in our day-to-day lives we are unable to break the spell the kikes have put us under.

We have become dominated by our own passions, by lust, greed, envy, and most importantly, pride. Pride has become an overwhelming passion that has overcome us. Our pride in our own blood has been an almost reactionary thing towards the Jews total world dominance, and if we have learned anything it is that you cannot break the chains of falsehood with falsehood. The only way the false can be overcome is via truth, bad is only overcome with good. The groups who place everything in a racial framework and build it off of that alone will fail because they fail to fight for the entirety of the Truth. You cannot fight only for bits and pieces of the truth whilst ignoring the truth of humanity, the truth of gender, truth of ethnicity, and the ultimately the Logos. Simply put, we cannot fight for bits and pieces of truth without recognizing the entire Truth. If we do not fight for the entire truth we have a long walk toward damnation and the demons rev up the heat in tartarus on the open path.

Pride is not something that we ourselves should have; everything is from God, by God’s will you where born as you were. You could’ve been made a negro, gook, or kike if God simply willed it. Pride ultimately leads to arrogance which opens ourselves up to more harmful diseases and parasites. We must be studious when it comes to our passions. We cannot let them dominate our will, we must give thanks to God because by his mercy we will be freed from our passions. Passions are what dominate the world today, men desire not God’s will, and in doing so we have forsaken God himself for our own lusts whether it be dreams of total liberty or some type of “4th Reich” conjured up in our minds. We cannot restore a healthy society without God, which the pagans wish to do. Paganism and perennialism will always lead down the road of atheism and nihilism not only because of their errors in an impersonal God and dialectics within their philosophy but because they do not have the whole Truth, thus their fantasy dreams of “restoring the white race” are just that. Even if they manage to get rid of the Jews we will sink down the bloody path of Atheism straight into the abyss.

“We should not be proud of our health, or beauty, or any other of God’s gifts… Everything earthly is liable to change: both beauty and health. We should thank the Lord, thank Him with humility, acknowledging our unworthiness, and not get conceited about something.” – Saint Nikon the Metanoeite

Hail Christ the King, Christos Anesti!

Author: Chilliers

Orthodox Christian | American Nazi

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