Nature’s Wisdom

Authored by Huddy, Original Idea by Chilliers

“[7] But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee: and the birds of the air, and they shall tell thee. [8] Speak to the earth, and it shall answer thee: and the fishes of the sea shall tell. [9] Who is ignorant that the hand of the Lord hath made all these things? [10] In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the spirit of all flesh of man.” – [Job 12:7-10]

God’s creation is our wise teacher. All one has to do is look about them to see the wisdom of nature. Nature is a book, and this book is where our understanding of natural order and natural law comes from. Nature is hierarchical; there is a food chain, with predators on top and prey on the bottom. Many animals, such as wolves and lions, have alphas and betas, males who are either the chieftains and main reproducers, or males that serve the other, lesser functions of the pack. Females stay home with the cubs while the males go out and hunt. The leadership principle is present in all groupings. There are deviations and variations in these relationships depending on the type of animal, but these natural roles are fairly consistent across the board, especially amongst mammals. The impetus of life in nature is reproduction and survival. Whatever fails to accomplish these goals perishes and becomes part of the millions and millions of extinct species and piles of sun dried bones. This is the natural world, a world of perpetual war.

“This earth is a vast whirl of warring atoms — a veritable revolving cock-pit. Each molecule, each animal, fights for its life. You must fight for yours, or surrender. Look well to it, therefore, that your beaks and spurs, your fangs and claws are as sharp as steel, and as effective as science can make them.” – Ragnar Redbeard, Might is Right

This warfare does not end with mere animalistic existence on this planet, in this world. This warfare goes deeper, at least for us creatures made in the Image of God. We have to deal not just with material threats from without, but also spiritual threats from within. This is spiritual warfare, and it is just as much of a perpetual conflict as is biological existence. If we wish to save our souls, we must always be vigilant, always be ready for attack by our inflamed passions, by the temptations of the world, and/or by demons and the Devil.

Modernity & Society

There is an issue, however. Modernity has removed man from the natural world, it has uprooted him from nature and placed him into a jungle made of concrete, steel and glass. He has never experienced the struggle of existence in the wilderness, he has never had to see breed in animals and crops, has never known that the weak perish and the strong survive, and knows nothing of conflict outside of the video games he plays and the movies he watches. Natural warfare is as distant to him as flies are close to feces. Conflict is antithetical to this new man, this synthetic man, this atom of a creature that knows nothing of hierarchy, of differences between men, no clue in the world what race is, what anything strong and idealistic is. Nihilism is his creed, Atheism his guide, and hedonism his virtue.

“The man without race will submit permanently to any humiliation, any insult, any dishonor, so long as he is permitted to live. The continuance of breathing and digestion are Life to the man without race.


Mediocrity rises over the horizon of a dying race as its last great ideal; total mediocrity, renunciation of all greatness and distinction of any kind whatever; also mediocrity of the racial blood-stream — anyone can come in now, not only on our terms, for there are no more terms, and there are no racial differences, everything is one, dull, eventless, mediocre.


There are no human differences, everyone is equal, men are women, women are men, “the individual” is everything, Life is a long holiday whose main problem is devising new and more stupid pleasures, there is no God, no State, off with the head of anyone who says there is a mission, who wishes to resurrect Authority.” – Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium

How can anyone expect anything of such a creature? The old adage of, “I think, therefore, I am,” is just as much true today as it always has been. If I think there is no God, then nothing matters, and if nothing matters, then I might as well end my life, because life is suffering and has no purpose. Most people these days have this nihilistic mindset in their subconsciousness, yet very few have the intelligence or ability to bring it forth to their consciousness, and actually draw these logical conclusions. Most go halfway and instead become hedonists, seeing life as a tragic accident that can only be remedied by a continuous search for pleasure, a never ending flux of decadence and desire. Of course, this is still rooted in nihilism, and therefore, you get such cancerous and degenerate ideas as “sexual liberation”, “gender fluidity”, supposed “anarchism” and all sorts of other puerile and infantile ideas of life being a sort of extended stay at Disneyland. Materialism sets in, and such men truly become what Marquis de Sade called “machines of voluptuousness.” Naturalism and mechanism are logical results. The mind is immaterial, and therefore, must not exist, because it cannot be seen, weighed, and measured. It is simply an illusion, a manifestation of the brain, and non-existant in reality, and if the mind does not exist, then neither does the will, and therefore, we are all subject and predestined from birth to act in accordance with the chemicals in our brains and the tissues in our muscles. Man is a machine, a robot, a lifeless pile of flesh and bones that came from natural processes, uninformed by Divine consciousness. Calvin would reel at such a result, yet ideas of predestination can only lead to horrible aberrations of reason like those described.

Such robotic, adult children cannot be expected to see any issue in letting themselves become nothing but meer animals and animals alone. In Buddhist thought, this is being a slave to your saṃsāric nature; in Hindu thought, this is being stuck in your lower chakras, such as the Mūlādhāra and Svādhiṣṭhāna chakras; in Catholic thought, this is being on the lower rungs of the ladder to Heaven, in the Animation, Sentience, and Rational stages. Ultimately, you are a slave to vice, a slave to desire, and in servitude to the Prince of this world: Satan. Satan is the Great Adversary, the first rebel against God, and logically, being in his service makes you an enemy of the All Good, the All Beautiful, and the All Loving.

This spiritual battle within you is not purposeless. It is not a whirlwind with no end goal in mind. It has two purposes, which inform one another: (1) the taming of the flesh, reaching a state of equilibrium where the passions have been “tamed and put in chains”, and are working in the service of spiritual purification, and (2) reaching Union with God and witnessing the beatific vision in Heaven, being made perfect with the knowledge of God.

Technological society, the System, has thrown this equilibrium out of balance. Ought this not be expected by a child of the French Revolution, by the most evil thing to march its bloody boots over the corpses of the world for drugs, oil and capital? The capitalistic, technological machine knows nothing but power, power for power’s sake, the demonic thirst of the Jew to subdue nature to his greasy fist, the goyim to be made into cattle on his international tax farm, lambs for the slaughter to appease his new god, his new idol: Lucifer. The kike is the bodily manifestation of the Devil, he works for his father, and his works he shall do. The Jew is most at home in artificial, synthetic, unnatural environments. His new Jerusalem is New York City, his new tabernacle that of the shopping mall, where he gives burnt offerings of money to Mammon. “I think, therefore, I am”, and all of this false shepherd’s cattle are fed his filthy thoughts day in and day out, and adopt his ideas as their own. No wonder most people are such nihilistic, hedonistic, atheistical materialists. The Jew has got them right where he wants them. “Where this sort of material has influence, the barbarian has easy conquests.” Truly, the “barbarian”, Satan, has easy pickings amongst this herd of mouth breathers, wiggers and functional illiterates. He snatches them up into his flux of desires and “kicks”, and then drags them down with him into the fiery pit of Hell.

Instinct & Intellect

There are two faculties in man that are relevant to our discussion: instinct and intellect. Instinct is what a man feels, intellect is what a man knows. Instinct acts, while intellect guides. When these two faculties are working in unison and tandem, there can be said to be the equilibrium we spoke of earlier. Order is present in man, and he can operate in a healthy, natural fashion. However, what most men today possess is either too much instinct (Note: not in the sense of having a strong feeling of heroic honor) and do not think enough, if at all, or too much intellect, and are men who feel little to nothing. This latter scenario is more threatening, as intellect is capable of thought, and therefore pride. A “rootless reason” is akin to intellect becoming a cancerous tumor, a prideful usurper who feels his position is greater than it really is, a part that thinks it can do without the whole; in a sense, Satan manifesting within us.

“[11] Thy pride is brought down to hell, thy carcass is fallen down: under thee shall the moth be strewed, and worms shall be thy covering. [12] How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? [13] And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. [14] I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High. [15] But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.” – [Isaias (Isaiah) 14:11-15]

This brings anti-intellectualism into an entirely new light. The intellectual is Satanic in the strictest sense of that word. He is in rebellion against the natural order of things, he believes himself to be greater than he really is, and, not very surprisingly, the most devastating products of intellectualism have been Atheism (Pride), hedonism (Gluttony, Lust), and nihilism (Despair). It’s not the cop in our heads that is our problem, it’s the intellectual. The internal intellectual must be overthrown and cast out, so that intellect may return to its proper place, and guide the instinct towards greater heights. Heroism and rationality are the path to godhood, in a way. By heroically performing our duty, and using our rational abilities to discern this duty, we will arrive in the Heavenly Kingdom, through God’s grace, mercy and justice. The Inner Holy Land must be liberated if we intend to affect the outside world. Our ideal has and will remain Junger’s Anarch. Everything within us, Order walking, Truth talking, our will is God’s will, and vice versa; a return to the Primordial Man. We must become our own prophets, and we must return to God’s natural revelation, the world of nature, and of the stars above.

Hail Christ the King, and Hail Victory!

Author: Huddy

White American | Roman Catholic | Fascist | American Futurist

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