American Passion

Written By Chilliers and Huddy

“Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!– Patrick Henry

There are some defining characteristics of the American spirit within the White American, although this spirit may not shine or show flamboyantly, you can see it when examining the American peoples on a day to day basis. This defining trait would be Manifest Destiny, the will-to-freedom and opposition to whatever tries to stop total and complete liberty. You can see this within popular video-game series (Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.), or in various TV series and movies (The Walking Dead, Mad Max). Americans wanting to run around within a wasteland or zombie apocalypse and wreak havoc, no government, no laws, nothing to hold you down from going across America and doing what you please, whilst killing people who try to impede on your will-to-freedom. A “might is right” type situation, anything that messes with you, your survival, or your liberty must be brought down and smashed.

“Before none of your printed idols do I bend in acquiescence and he who saith “thou shalt” to me is my mortal foe.” – Might is Right

This would be the most defining trait of the American spirit, you can call it Manifest Destiny, Might is Right, or Total Liberty, but all have a common theme: anarchy. Once the System is brought down and smashed for a more favourable mayhem all across America; this would be the point where might is right, like it or not. In a tribal, agrarian lifestyle, the American spirit of Manifest Destiny; the coloureds roaming the continent would become the new “Indians”. American Whites, taking up the mantle of their frontiersmen ancestors would slaughter these coloureds; a new Trail of Tears would be born. Niggers hanging from lamp posts and mass graves of spics. This fearsome wrath will “hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive… rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls.” Nothing can stand in the way of the unchained White American man on the warpath. Holland Smith during World War II asked “whether there existed anything on earth that could defeat such men as those he was then leading”, and we’re of the persuasion that nothing can.

Within this framework, tribes would band together, the ones who are the strongest will be the ones who will reclaim the soil with their blood. Balkanization would ensue rapidly after a general societal breakdown. The ones who are able to exercise power, provide food, shelter, water, etc. will most likely be the ones to plant the seed of the Organic State of the future.

The modern White American can show this spirit, and usually does, but with a more toned down feminine approach. These people tend to be the “conspiracy theorists”, i.e. the David Icke types who talk about 9/11 being an inside job, the “globalists”, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and various other secret societies and conspiracies they believe are controlling the government and corrupting it, but when prodded for a solution to this problem you get the answer, “What can I do about it?”, and they simply submit to tyranny. Their sense of will-to-freedom is perverted by apathy and cowardice into a one-man-army feeling of helplessness in face of their beliefs in a general conspiracy against the American people. These people are at best meek Independent Thinkers, and at worst Lemmings giving off the impression of independent thought.

You also have the ones who spirit shines in a virile glow of sunlight, the ones that express this will-to-freedom and kill anything trying to take away their liberty.  Namely the “tax protestors”, saying “fuck you” to the government, and when the System tries to crack down on these small rebels they will not go down without a fight and fall in a blaze of glory. We’re thinking of the Gordon Kahl, Robert Jay Mathews, and the men and women of Waco, Texas. If in some way the System tries to impede Total Liberty, then these modern day Vikings react without hesitation. Then you have “Mr. Joe Six Pack” who sits around all day watching TV and drinking corn syrup, an almost useless person with no thoughts of his own, only the ones that Fox News tells him to think.

“But this has not been the case with others – Gordon Kahl most notably. And, according to the news on television the other night, it was not the case with about eight hundred people last year alone. These were reported as violent attacks or assaults against agents of the I.R.S. As a result, the agents are now packing guns (that is if they weren’t before and as though they’d need an excuse now). “Self-defense” it was referred to as on television. ‘Robbers’ is a fitting term for them but not even ‘vampire’ approaches the depth of vileness and contemptibility they maintain. Eight hundred people defended themselves last year against what are now ARMED robbers and the System was surprised and maddened when they didn’t simply fork over their earnings without a mutter of protest.” – SIEGE, 2.28 “I.R.S”

You essentially have the Best, the average, and the Worst, most falling under the two latter ones.

A movement that possessed this spirit of Total Liberty would be the Beatnik movement of the 40s and 50s. Outcasts, rebels, healthy men who are tired of the system as it is, and we have to agree with Evola when he said:

… we are of the same opinion as some Beatniks…, that in today’s culture and society, especially in America, the healthy person can be generally recognized in the rebel and the asocial type that does not fit in.

A revolutionary loser, so to speak. Charles Manson is a good example of this type of person. He was a “nobody his whole life”, always outside of the System, an outlaw if you will. “The enemy is legal”, so they say, and Manson was completely outside the law. Mason’s philosophy in SIEGE was heavily influenced by Charles Manson, and his ultimatum of Total Attack or Total Dropout was a juxtaposition of Robert Matthews to Charles Manson, respectively. Manson’s authority was entirely internalized, he was a Man Above Time, and this was shown as much by him laughing and saying:

“You come and draw a line, you say, ‘You can’t get out of there!’, and I say, ‘Out of where?’, you say, ‘You’re locked up!’, I say, ‘Locked up in what?’, heh, you say, ‘Well you’re locked up, and we’re free!’, and I say, ‘Oh yeah?’, and you walk back and forth and you play important with my life as if you got something that I want.”

Manson’s approach was lifting himself above and existing within his mind, operating as an unmoved mover outside of the System. Total Attack, or the Robert Jay Mathews (or Timothy McVeigh) approach, is the polar opposite: instead of detaching oneself from the disease, one actively fights the disease with the intent of making it bleed and die. Buddha versus Krisna, aloofness versus assault. Mathews died in a literal blaze of glory, and aimed at dealing as much damage to the System as possible before they took him out. He himself acknowledged that himself and the Brüder Schweigen had maybe a few weeks or months at best left to live once they set foot on this path. Mathews chose to die instead of having his and his race’s liberty infringed upon and would not sit by and watch the events go by him, he intended to “drive the enemy into the sea”. Manson instead chose an internal liberty over living within the System in a state of slavery, as he said:

“I live in the desert, I live in the mountains man, I’m big, my mind is big… you’re in prison son, you’re the one who’s in jail because you think you’re in such a thing as a prison.”

So we have the two expressions of American Passion, external liberation leading to either death or a state of liberty in this life, and internal liberation leading to personal, i.e individual, liberty in this life. One is oriented towards making war upon temporal tyranny by force (Against Time), and the other makes war spiritually by focusing life inwards into the mind (soul), and “ascending the Ladder of Divine Ascent” (Above Time). We have made clear to our readers in the past that the Total Dropout approach is the only viable approach for the non-suicidal Fascist living in America today. However, we should also point out, if we haven’t done so clearly enough previously, that Total Attack is still in the deck and on the table so to speak, just not now. The System is too strong militarily to contemplate harming it by force and keeping our lives, so it’s best to emulate Manson and detach ourselves from the current environment and focus internally both in the spiritual and material sense, namely, by focusing on Mental Liberation for the sake of preparing ourselves for revolutionary struggle, and to save our souls from the fires of Hell. Our Law must be the Law of the Lord, not the laws of this land. We stand above this world and orient ourselves to the next, and if we wish for the salvation of our brothers, we must alter the toxic circumstances of this world and create a society founded around virtue instead of vice. The Organic State would be acephalous without Christ, as would Total Aryan Victory be for naught if we “gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of our souls.” (Mark 8:36) The United States of America is the clay golem of the kike, the shabez goy who does the bidding of his master, and must be eradicated if our folk are to survive this life and into the next. The nascent Viking living in the heart of the White American man will break forth out of those who drop out and detach themselves in preparation for revolutionary struggle.

“You know, a long time ago, being crazy meant something, nowadays everybody’s crazy.”

It’ll mean something again, soon enough, Charlie. Hail Christ the King, and Hail Victory!

Author: Chilliers

Orthodox Christian | American Nazi

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