Against Materialism

Against materialism 4

The racial caste system imposed by the French in the French Antilles went up to 1/64th, or 1.5625%, Negro admixture. The Nuremburg Laws, which you would imagine would be the most stringent considering the racial materialism of the German National Socialists, allowed ≥87.5% Germans and ≤12.5% Jews to be considered “100% German.” The caste system in the Americas under the Spanish Empire considered a 75% Spanish, 25% Native to be a “castizo“, and their children were considered full right “español“, namely, “100% Spanish.”

The only racial admixture system that would invalidate so called “corrective breeding” or the “re-establishment of ‘purity'” would be the defunct American legal code known as the “one drop rule”, which asserted that any amount of Negro admixture automatically made all offspring, ad infinitum, Negro under U.S. law. This is rather an exception to the general rule, rather than an expression of it, set by other caste and race systems. It’s also fair to note that “White” under current U.S. census rules only considers self-identification and the Caucasoid race as a whole, rather than Europeans as a part. That should be indication enough that the U.S. doesn’t really understand race as well as past nations and empires did.

It’s also important to note that the Indian caste system gave much more credence to spiritual qualities than racial qualities, namely that an “ārya” (light-skinned Aryan) by birth was no better than a “sudra” (dark-skinned aborigine) unless he was “born again” via spiritual initiation. This is similar to the idea of “nominal Whites” or “White Niggers” as put forth by Pierce and Mason, respectively. Simply belonging is not enough; having, as said by Spengler and Yockey, is what truly connotates race in the important sense, i.e, spiritually instead of biologically. The biology is rather the raw material acted upon by the spirit, and can be molded into the proper shape if the material is suitable enough. In Next Leap, the main reason that race-mixing was explained as abhorrent, was because the “racial truth” of the person produced from such a union would be muddied and confused, and a link between said person, their ancestors and posterity, would be deteriorated, if not completely eroded. The concept of “The Chain” from SIEGE comes to mind.

Miscegenation is treason against one’s ancestors and against posterity, as it shoots in the back of the head the thousands of years of good breeding that led up to one’s existence, and condemns the descendants of such a union to racial confusion and possible loss of continuity with one’s ancestral line, especially if the mixture is between a male of a lower race and a female of a higher race. Biology is not everything, and simply belonging is not enough; one must behave as if they represent their race, since they do. The immaterial configures the material, and where the immaterial is no longer present, the material is no longer alive; it is simply genetic material that has the possibility of being molded towards greatness. Racial purity, in the biological sense, truly is a myth and an abstraction; all races are simply stable mixtures of various stocks no longer existing in their pure form. However, this does not mean that zoological races do not exist, or are equal and that the ingredients of a drink do not determine its taste and effect; the lower ought not mix with the higher and vice versa. Racial purity truly only exists in the realm of the spirit, and can be utilized as a Sorelian myth, but ought not become an end in-and-of itself, nor lead one down the path of materialism. Let us remember that as Fascists, we must Uphold Truth, Wage War, and Have Fun. We Uphold Truth by being possessed by the Scholar and comprehending our worldview in its purity; we Wage War by being possessed by the Warrior, battling with the System, spiritually first (i.e. mental liberation), and physically second (i.e dropping out of the System, direct action against the System, etc.). We Have Fun by being possessed by the Adventurer, enjoying the Struggle and seeking ways to enjoy ourselves within the bounds of our principles and ideals. All of these are oriented towards the death of the System, the establishment of Organic States, which is oriented towards Total Aryan Victory, which is then finally oriented towards actualizing the Truth in the material world. *As above, so below.*

Don’t lose your heads comrades, and remember that Fascists are idealists, not materialists.

Hail Christ the King, and Hail Victory!

Author: Huddy

White American | Roman Catholic | Fascist | American Futurist

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