The Importance of the Scholar

The Scholar is one of the three Patron Saints of Fascism and National Socialism, as described in the IronMarch original The Awakening of a National Socialist. It is described as “the pursuer, keeper and granter of knowledge and wisdom, aids one in gaining insight, shows the path and the answer. He is the first spirit on the path of one’s awakening as a National Socialist, for he gives one the key to knowledge that will open one’s eyes to the Truth of the world around them, giving one direction towards further awakening and understanding. He stands the closest to Absolute Truth and eternal wisdom, he is a Force Above Time, most concerned with the Purity of our Worldview.” (p. 13)

The other two archetypes are the Warrior and the Adventurer. These latter two are romanticized and preferred more by most in the Movement due to their closeness to the Western spirit of action over contemplation. “The pen is not mightier than the sword”, so goes the anonymous author of another IronMarch original, Open Letter to the White Man, “The pen deceives, manipulates, and earns its bread by making others do her work. The sword is a man, and cuts open his lunch. The sword is pure, unalterable, while the pen is rootless like air. The pen may write a nice constitution, but will rely on those wielding the sword to cut down its enemies. You may use a pen, but it shall not make you more of a man. A sword will.” (p.9) However, and this anonymous author acknowledges this, Joseph Goebbels said, “Faith may move mountains, but only knowledge moves them to the right place.” Without a proper development of one’s intellect and wealth of knowledge, one won’t be able to properly and accurately guide his sword towards the enemy. Francis Parker Yockey puts it like this:

“Instinct is the ship bound for a destination, intellect is the rudder that steers it; another figure: instinct is the passengers who are to be transported, intellect is the master of the vessel, who must deliver them. […] Instinct furnishes the will-to-power, but must not decide the moment for attack. Instinct cannot decide on the policy by which Life is to actualize its inner imperative. It is blind — it always counsels attack. […] Intellect must decide between the posture of defense and the movement of attack. Instinct may succumb to defeat, Intellect can still discern the elements of hope. Instinct sees everything else and everyone else as enemy, Intellect coldly decides from the situation who is the enemy, and seeks to make all the others friends. Instinct is subject to intoxication, the function of Intelligence is to remain sober. Instinct loves and hates, Intellect, neither.”Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics, Cultural Vitalism: (A) Culture Health, People

Developing one’s intellect to the maximum of his potential, in accordance with his Destiny, is an incredibly important preliminary step before meaningful, and properly directed action can be taken. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one needs an entire Vatican Library’s worth of knowledge stored in their head, quite the contrary. For the overwhelming, vast majority of people, this approach would be a much greater hindrance to a development of genuine intellect than an aid. As Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf, “Reading is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. In the first place, it should help to fulfill an individual’s personal framework and give each person the tools and materials a man needs in his job or profession, whether it is for daily necessity, simple physical fulfillment, or higher destiny. In the second place, reading should give a man a general picture of the world.” (Vol. 1, Ch. 2) Having a jumble of disparate facts and data, hardly unrelated to one another at all, won’t be of any service to developing one’s understanding of the Truth, but rather will muck up and confuse one’s understanding. Some people’s extent of ability ends at grasping, “14/88, boots on the ground, race war now,” and it would be harmful if they attempted to expand beyond that understanding. One’s ability to apprehend and comprehend are different and deterministic, dependant on: a) one’s inborn, personal potential and b) the subject at hand. It’s not difficult for anyone with a complete and functioning brain to comprehend 2+2=4, but subjects such as God and the Holy Trinity is so far beyond any man’s complete and total comprehension, that we are rather speaking here in degrees of apprehension. Likewise with various bits and pieces of the Fascist worldview: it isn’t that hard to comprehend niggers smelling like feces, and Jews being conniving subversives, hell-bent on destroying the West at any cost, but it’s another story when we speak about, say, Julius Evola’s ideas and works, Miguel Serrano’s, Savitri Devi’s, Rene Guenon’s, etc.. There is a clear hierarchy here based on difficulty of both apprehension and comprehension, starting at the bottom with “2+2=4”, and ending at the top with God’s essence.

“Honor Truth” is the motto of the Scholar, but for what reason? Duty, of course, but what determines this Duty? Where does it come from? George Lincoln Rockwell describes it in his “regaining of consciousness” after a bout of depression:

“As I began to recover from my spiritual collapse, I found myself steeled and hardened, almost somnambulistic in my assured attitude. For the first time in my life, I just didn’t care what happened. I became a willing tool of the titanic forces which had shaped my life.”This Time the World, Chapter XVI

“Titanic forces” or “Providence” are the words Rockwell uses to describe what us Christians refer to as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost: the Lord of Hosts, the Holy of Holies, I AM WHO AM. God is the source of all Truth, and Tradition is founded upon this Truth, and “Fascism” is simply a synonym for the Worldview of Truth, i.e orthodox Christianity. We, as mere mortal men, fallen children of Adam, must become perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect, strive with that infinite Faustian spirit that is characteristic of the Western man, and become rocks of Truth, truly living the Faith. As Oswald Spengler said, “We have not the freedom to reach to this or to that, but the freedom to do [what is] necessary or to do nothing. And a task that historic necessity has set will be accomplished with the individual or against him.” As a final close from him to this article, here’s some of the last words from Prussianism and Socialism:

“I turn to our youth. I call upon all who have marrow in their bones and blood in their veins. Train yourselves! Become men! We need no more ideologists… We need hardness, we need a courageous skepticism, we need a class of socialistic master types. Once again: Socialism means power, power, and more power. Thoughts and schemes are nothing without power. [Men forged with a] sense of duty, by the awareness of a great obligation, by the will to obey in order to rule, to die in order to win, by the strength to make immense sacrifices in order to accomplish what we were born for, what we are, what could not be without us.”

Become men, brothers. Hail Christ the King, and Hail Victory!

Author: Huddy

White American | Roman Catholic | Fascist | American Futurist

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