Dating the Collapse

“Like a brown bag or a cardboard box full of manure, held aloft with the bottom darkening with saturation from all the slimy, stinking filth contained within, it is up for grabs how many moments or seconds remain before the whole repulsive, putrefying mess comes crashing through…” – SIEGE, 5.3 “Saturation Point”


So, when will the collapse of Civilization occur?

Let’s find out!

  1. Next Great Depression 2027-2029
  2. Next cold cycle will truly begin in the year 2021. Russia and China are the only ones talking about this, currently.
  3. Race riots beginning 2025-2027
  4. Republicans being unable to win an election beginning in the 2024 elections
  5. Demographics making it so in most areas of southern USA, whites are a minority.
  6. Fuel consumption starts to become difficult as it becomes more scarce
  7. Diseases that are currently mutating and now merely resistant to medicine will be fully and absolutely able to survive any drug. This will accumulate to where almost every disease is drug immune in 2025-2029
  8. Food shortages from bad agricultural techniques that turns good land into deserts. Modern Biologists predict massive food shortages to begin around 2028 or so. If we can make it so the system falls, that the American government stops being able to function, by the year 2030, most if not every non white in North America will be dead.


1. Economic downturn in 2027-2029. Economic cycle oscillates every 20 years between the worst of the recessions/depressions.

Highlighted ones here are the worst ones.
19 years, 21 years, 21 years, 17 years.

[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3]

Prediction: Next collapse will happen in 2027-2029
That is factor 1 of system collapse


2. Next cold cycle will begin around the year 2025 or so, with massive temperature falls around the world

[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3]

The cold alone will cause massive civilizational issues, kill off millions of people, and put a massive strain on the system
This alone should cause system collapse, and is due in 2020-2025


3. Race riots begining 2025-2027
Riots in the USA have a cycle very similar to that of the economy

[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3] [Source 4]


4. Republicans being incapable of winning another election after 2024
Republicans are currently in turmoil due to the Trump administration. All factors point to the fall of the republican party after the 2020 election

[Source 1] [Source 2]

When the amount of nonwhites in texas is far larger than the number of whites, Texas will go Blue, stopping the ability of republicans to win another presidential election. When this occurs, democrats will rule unimpeded, being able to continue to pass detrimental policies for the country



5. Majority of the south USA going majority nonwhite
Due to the levels of immigration to the US, and the south having the ideal climate, within 10-15 years, the majority of the southern USA will be nonwhite

As soon as the native population dips below 50% of the total population, the empire will fall.
USSSE, Yugoslavia, Rome, Soviet Union, Austro-Hungarian Empire, etc

Within 20 years, the majority of people under 35 will be nonwhite. Within 30 years, the majority of all of america will be nonwhite

Just like Europe, the USA will collapse due to demographic change alone. Additionally, blacks are incapable of maintaining the services that comapanies and the gov are expected to provide. When they are running most of the infrastructure, it will quickly begin to collapse


6. Fuel consumption is reaching levels now that are entirely unsustainable. We will be unable to get oil to the United States or to move or import it by the time Factor 1 comes into effect – economic collapse

Consumption has increased so dramatically since this article was made that we are likely approaching running out altogether within 20 years and not 55.

Every year is an increase of 5 million barrels of oil consumed per year
With these levels, we can predict the exact time before we run out of oil
Here is what I found:
Assuming we don’t increase our current levels of oil consumption, and they stay exactly the same: 51.5 years
Assuming we don’t increase our current accelration of use of oil (an increase of 10 million barrels of oil per day every year) : 25.5 years
Assuming we don’t increase the acceleration of the acceleration of the use of oil: 16.5 years
This last number is the most accurate estimate
Meaning the world will run out of oil halfway through 2033

I did the math myself and programmed Excel to chart the velocity and accleration of the rate of oil use.


7. Diseases that are currently mutating and now merely resistant to medicine will be fully and absolutely able to survive any drug. This will cumulate to where most every disease is entirely drug immune in 2025-2029

[Source 1] [Source 2]

Anti biotic resistance will kill off most people on healthcare who actually go to the hospital. Go there for a broken bone, leave with a drug-resistant tuberculosis.

There’s a plague going around Madagascar now that’s literally the bubonic plague, and it’s already 100% immune to anti biotics. Most people will die once those diseases get here anyway.

Polio, Tuberculosis, measles, all of it, they’re all getting stronger and immune to modern medicine, and vaccinating your kids will become, and has already become pointless, as the vaccines won’t work anymore.


8. Food shortages from bad agricultural techniques that turns good land into deserts. Modern Biologists predict massive food shortages to begin around 2028 or so…

– Mass bee dieoff that will decimate all plantlife. It has been happening for about 7 years.
– Future brain cancer epidemic from unrestrained cell phone use.
– Future female infertility due to wifi radiation affecting female embryos.
– Fresh water shortages as aquifers dry up.
– Future cancer epidemics caused directly by Fukushima radiation.
– Massive ongoing animal, fish, insect die off in the pacific ocean due to Fukushima.
– Epidemic of mass insanity as people are over prescribed with antipsychotics, and any disturbance in their drug supply will cause withdrawls and dramatic mood changes.
China may stop selling the world rare earth metals which would cause a sudden shortage of new tech gadgets.
– The looming college loan debt bubble which will burst.
– The massive amount of males in China who will never be able to get married, thus china will need a mass death event, such as a war, to bring down the male population.
– The inevitable collapse of our debt based economy when the federal reserve quits loaning to the USA at low rates.”

AKA the entirety of civilization itself will collapse around 2025
Coincidentally(or not), this is also when the Kali Yuga is predicted to end by occultists and Hindus

[Source 1] [Source 2] [Source 3]

All information attributed to William Raymond, Ex host of the now defunct FashCast

Total Dropout

As mentioned in the previous article, Leading with the Chin, we should be aiming for a Total Drop-out from the System. Living on our own self-sustainably without the System being able to locate us or foul up our plans. We want to make it appear to the System that we don’t exist while staying within the realm of legality so Big Brother doesn’t have a reason to come down on us. Criteria for a suitable location are:

1. Far away from people.

Negros and non-Whites especially. A population density lower than 50 people per square mile is ideal.

This blacks out the major cities and populated areas in the US.

2. Avoid counties next to larger populations.

3. Avoid counties that interstate highways pass through.

Starving people will be moving for food and will seek it anywhere it is available, such as your homestead.

4. Avoid Dry areas.

Dry areas make it harder to survive and get basic necessities, plus Whites without technology will most likely die in these areas.

5. Avoid counties where more than 20% of the population is below the poverty line.

With the welfare system gone more, the lower class population will become violent.

6. Seek large clusters of desirable counties for increased isolation.

In the coming Collapse, the best places to be are generally in the Mid- and North-West. Kansas, Idaho and South Dakota are the best states in general for committing to a Total Drop-out, as they all have counties that meet the above criteria, and are also “nuke free” zones. Combining the information in the next paragraph with the conclusions of these criteria, you will find the most ideal and “safe” locations available in the US for surviving the Collapse.

The photo above lists potential nuclear targets. The red circles are the places most isolated and least valuable in a nuclear exchange. The middle of these red circles would be the most ideal spots in terms of the above criteria, and the possibility of nuclear war breaking out due to the enormous stress placed on the System and the Jews worldwide, these locations would be “safe” relative to the rest of the continental United States.

“…the System… will collapse under its own rotten weight. […] Those who survive the initial period of absolute chaos that immediately follows will crawl out of their holes and take up the struggle on newly equalized terms: animal to animal.” – SIEGE, 2.5 “The Long Road We’ve Traveled”

Hail Christ the King, and Hail Victory.

Author: Chilliers

Orthodox Christian | American Nazi

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