Leading with the Chin


Speaking to some of the ideas in our previous articles (“Sexual Morality” and “Racial Unreality”), let it be hammered home that the disciplined man is the ideal that all Fascists ought strive for. Not discipline for discipline’s sake, or for the sake of increasing “productivity”, namely becoming a more “refined” System cog that helps the machine run smoother, but rather discipline for the sake of becoming mentally liberated from the System’s invisible web. As the author of the book we are alluding to, IM-RFM 01: Mental Liberation, said:

“…our concern over action, or lifestyle, flows from a different place from what is commonly seen in society at large. Purge from your mind all liberal notions of “taking care of myself” or “avoiding dangerous things”. What we’re concerned about, is to prepare our bodies for the task of revolutionary struggle, and freeing ourselves from the spiritual ills that lead us to failure. And at a higher level, doing what we can to make our lives a reflection of the universal truth which rules over all things.” (p. 36)

It is impossible to become physically liberated from the System, i.e actualizing the “Total Drop-Out” espoused by James Nolan Mason in SIEGE, without becoming disciplined and mentally liberated. This means both destroying negative habits and forming positive habits. If you’re wasting your time watching pornography, masturbating, playing videogames, mindlessly browsing YouTube, Reddit, 4chan, or any other social media related website, STOP, now. Don’t stop tomorrow, or next week, or as a “monthly challenge”, but right NOW. It is pure cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy to claim to be a Fascist, a caliber of man who wishes to see Order, in the esoteric and Traditional sense, triumph in this world, while simultaneously acting like a degenerate. Likewise, you cannot expect to commit to and accomplish a “Total Drop-Out” while you’re mentally enslaved via all these vices to the System’s trick. As Saint Augustine of Hippo said in The City of God, “Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but what is worse, as many masters as he has vices.”

Let’s talk about “survivalism”. Our ultimate and final end goal, as has been said previously, is Total Aryan Victory in this world. It’s of course not possible for that to occur, if you aren’t alive to accomplish it:

“At this stage of things, kidding ourselves would probably prove fatal, sooner or later. I urge against taking it on the chin or “leading with the chin,” as there are violent, revolutionary types out there aplenty to get things kicked off good and proper. Blacks, every shade of color in between, not to mention fanatic Reds, etc., plus nuts and more nuts. Add to this the slowly but steadily deteriorating conditions in the country, economic and otherwise, and you have a cake baking in the oven. You don’t want your cake to fall and you certainly don’t want to get yourself burnt. Instead, you want to be around for the ICING – and most definitely the EATING – of the cake! (Meaning the final seizure of power and exercising of same.)” – SIEGE, 2.24 “Probability”

Plenty of groups have been getting exposed in the System media recently for planning on “leading with the chin”, as Mason put it in the above quote. Groups such as “The Base”, and of course the decaying organization Atomwaffen Division, are prime examples. Both openly discussed over insecure communications topics such as the logistics of bombing power stations, nuclear plants, synagogues, federal buildings, bridges, how to build bombs, the ins-and-outs of DIY firearms production, and other related topics. This landed both groups/organizations in hot water when ProPublica and other outlets got hold of their chat logs, and promptly turned all members of said groups into dead men walking. If anyone in the supposed “Movement” wishes to make it to the Collapse, survive it, and actually DO something impactful and truly heroic, it would behoove them to drop all the “fedposting” behavior and focus on survival. Another pertinent quote on this topic would be:

“Our goal is to, first, make sure that we survive [the System’s] death. And, second, to hasten, if at all possible, that death.” – SIEGE, 5.14 “Meaninglessness”

That quote is the measuring rod for everything you think, say and do. If something or other in any way, shape or form impedes your ability to a) survive the Collapse and/or b) accelerate the death of the System, it is WORTHLESS and a waste of time. We honor men such as Robert J. Matthews as Champions of our Worldview, but we must acknowledge that such men’s martyrdoms, although heroic and truly inspiring acts, have done almost nil towards poking holes and blowing the bottom out of the “ship of state.” Timothy McVeigh may have dealt a devastating blow to the System in a symbolic sense by blowing up the Oklahoma Federal Building, but the fact of the matter is that it did nothing real. All things live in their time, and the time for “Total Attack” as Mason put it is not the present time. Elbow room must be made if any kind of “punching” is to be done, and the Collapse will provide that elbow room.

In the future, we will be making a detailed guide to the information collected by a previous associate, William Raymond, on a collection of data he termed “Dating the Collapse.” This article is not the place to outline all of the data and information, but we can be fairly certain that some major upheavals are going to shake America, if not the globe, in the time period 2019-2040. The various different events converging on this span of time will be much too stressful on the already “duct-tape-and-toothpicks” System in America for it to hold itself together.

Speaking hypothetically is almost always dangerous, but let it be known that if any ideas about “race war”, “class war” and “civil war” are to come to fruition, they will only occur once the Collapse commences. The present times are not “pre-revolutionary times”, but rather “pre-Collapse” times, namely the time period in which one has the last chance to prepare for these coming events; and let it be known:

“Never forget the number one priority of any revolutionary: to maintain; to survive at all costs.” – SIEGE, 2.38 “Cooler Heads”

Hail Christ the King, and Hail Victory.

Author: Huddy

White American | Roman Catholic | Fascist | American Futurist

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