Sexual Morality


What is Sexual Morality and Immorality?

These things are often confused and jumbled up in the “right” and no one tends to care about it or understand what it means. Some when presented with the idea of Sexual Ethics cringe for some odd reason. A better question yet is why do we hate Homosexuals if we cringe at the thought of applying Sexual Ethics to our personal lives? Is Homosexuality not Sexually Immoral?

The often confusing answer I get is as follows: it does not propagate our race, therefore, ipso facto it’s wrong. Well doesn’t Immoral and sexual acts such as sodomy with a woman not do the same thing and is only something for pleasure’s sake? Is not sleeping with a bunch of women, do that very same thing you shun homosexuals for? If you merely seek pleasure by fornicating with women then what better are you than the homosexuals themselves!?

The second strange answer I get is it’s immoral to be a homo. Well, of course, it’s immoral to be a homosexual. But how can you flaunt on homosexuals being immoral when you, in turn, do the same thing without repentance of your own sins against the Lord Almighty? Man or women alike can do Sexually Immoral acts with the same gender and opposite genders. This an undeniable fact. Sodomy is wrong!

Why you may ask. Can’t I get a woman to shlob on my knob without being judged? It’s not like I’m a faggot or anything. Well, why do you hate faggots?

  1. They do not propagate the species in any way
  2. They are sexually perverted, and do immoral acts

Having a women shlob on your knob falls under these same two things. It’s a sexually perverted act which desecrates what God has given us and it does not help propagate the species in any way and is a pleasure seeker for the sake of pleasure itself. This takes a very modern approach to sexuality. Because, in modern society, sex has been made into something you gain pleasure from, like a drug. Hence all the porn propagated by the Jews. Sex is not viewed as something to “propagate the species” but to gain various amounts of pleasure. Sex isn’t viewed as something holy anymore. A good way to define Sexual Immorality is If it does not propagate the species it is inherently immoral. So this rules out immoral acts such as Homosexuality, sodomy with a man or a woman, fornication, race mixing, etc. etc.

Not to mention how absolutely Jewish sodomy, fornication, and race mixing are. These things at their core are INHERENTLY JEWISH! There is no question about these things. Who was behind all of the sexual liberation acts in history? Who propagated these crimes in Europe and on the Europeans… Sodomy was frowned upon and any forms of Sexual Immorality where frowned upon until a certain long nosed tribe came in and started these things. You can just look on Wikipedia search up American Jews you’ll see they were prominent figures in promoting this degeneracy to white Americans and those alike.

“Members of the American Jewish community have included prominent participants in civil rights movements. In the mid-20th century, there were American Jews who were among the most active participants in the Civil Rights Movement and feminist movements. A number of American Jews have also been active figures in the struggle for gay rights in America.” Wikipedia on American Jews

Imagine what these kikes are thinking when modern fascists are dividing themselves by means of Sexual Immorality’s and Religion. They’d laugh because they’d know they had conquered by means of division through modernity itself. If we don’t have a set ground rule on these things then how will we ever succeed. The strong man is really mightiest when alone.

Some may get the idea that Christianity is this “pleasure denying religion” when that’s extremely false. It denies pleasure for pleasure’s sake and encourages marital relations where two bodies come together and become one replicating the Holy Trinity. Two bodies becoming one to make another and essentially all becoming one in this process.

What is the conclusion? We as Fascists should adhere to sexual ethics Christian or not. In turn, if we do so, we reject this steady stream of modernity coming into our veins and polluting ourselves to destruction. This whole question of sexual ethics shouldn’t be up for debate for those who are really Fascists, we adhere to truth and nothing but the truth and apply it to ourselves. If we take away the truth from ourselves it becomes a slippery slope taking us further from what we so desperately want to hold up.

(An old IM graphic is displaying this same exact thing)


Author: Chilliers

Orthodox Christian | American Nazi

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