A response

To those finding us on Gab and other platforms it should be noted those aren’t our platforms, nor do we at CC use any such platforms to spread our message. Our goal here isn’t to stir up petty internet drama with anyone. If you don’t like our site just don’t go on it. We want to be an alternative to other fascists websites that are around today while spreading Christian Fascist knowledge to those who are seeking to learn and get into the worldview.

(EDIT) We aren’t on ANY DISCORD platform either. We do not operate out of any platform but this platform here. This will be the ONLY place you can contact anyone in our “crew”. Please do not fall for honey pots!

Are we copies? No, we do not intend to “copy” any other site. Although formatting may be similar of those to RopeCulture and SiegeCulture. Generally the blog format is a common format. So if we look similar or sound similar doesn’t mean much to the content we intent to preserve or keep out. The reason for archiving Noose articles is to get more people reading them. If you think its a copy that’s on your own merit and not ours.

We intend to push out content in the near future while dealing with this set back. If those of you are coming from Gab just note those aren’t our Gab’s and we do not use Gab.

As Zeiger said, “It’s like if someone presented a new religion and the website doubles as a sonic fanpage”. That’s what these new age death cults do. They take something and barf on it with death cult tier stuff and turn those away who can become fanatical nazis, this isn’t optics cucking this is just fact.

Optics cucking is when you try to take Nazism and make it palatable for the masses.

Not barfing on Fascism with your edgy trash isn’t optics cucking. Its sanity through and through. If someone is scared by the swastika good, if one is scared off by cult tier retardation that has hit this movement then they’re sane.

Currently we’re still working on the site, mainly the books section and we’ll have more books in the mean time!

This will be the ONLY time we ever address this beyond autistic issue. Sieg Heil and Hail Christ the King!

Author: Chilliers

Orthodox Christian | American Nazi

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